Export of solid waste, removal of waste, disposal of garbage
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Prompt waste disposal

Waste disposal is a necessary and compulsory service for the urban residents, without which the life of a modern metropolis is inconceivable. Waste consists of the following heterogeneous elements:

  • ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
  • wood;
  • waste paper, that is cardboard and paper packaging, magazines and newspapers;
  • textile products;
  • plastic waste;
  • plant and food waste;
  • glass;
  • rubber and leather.

Price rates for garbage disposal.

The cost of garbage collection services is calculated taking into account the volume of garbage, its collection and operational transportation to the disposal sites.

You can download pricelist (.xls 25 kB) or Download Prompt waste disposal contract (.doc 254 kB)

If you do not know which container to order, we recommend you to look through the table of the density of materials to determine the density of the garbage for disposal and choose the container that suits you.
Volume South South East East Center South West West North East North North West
0,8 м3 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub. 1000 Rub.
1,1 м3 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub. 1100 Rub.
8 м3 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub. 10000 Rub.
Press, 30 м3 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub. 60000 Rub.

The indicated rates are approximate. The final cost can be adjusted depending on the additional conditions.

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Technics for exportation

  • Bunker carrier - can transport simultaneously 5 tons volume up to 8 m3. Transport is equipped with an open platform, on which it is possible to put changeable bunkers. The existing portal mechanism is designed for loading and unloading. It is possible to unload with a dump truck.
  • "Multilift" - can transport at a time 20 tons of waste in volumes up to 27 m3. It is equipped with a special loading and unloading modern mechanism, which allows you to transport the most voluminous bunkers. "Multilift" makes it possible to carry out work in the shortest possible time, and at the same time significantly facilitates human labor.
  • Garbage truck with a press container - for exporting different volumes that are amenable to pressing. Back loading eliminates the spillage of waste. The car has a large compression ratio with small dimensions. This provides him with high efficiency and maneuverability on urban roads.

Technological features of garbage disposal

Removal of garbage is made in each specific case in different ways. Technology depends on the quality of the waste. Garbage is carefully divided into categories.

  • Waste by consistency and composition is a mixture of different materials and food products (sometimes decaying). All elements of debris have different chemical, physical and mechanical properties. The size of the waste also varies. That is why recycling begins only after the procedure for sorting them. These moments have to be taken into account when making garbage disposal.
  • The degree of toxicity of waste is another factor that must be taken into account when making garbage disposal. Garbage from materials of natural origin is not recycled in the same way as natural polymers or industrial waste.

Our advantages

Our customers can be both legal entities and individuals. We guarantee many advantages.

  • The optimal ratio of quality and cost.
  • Payment in cash or bank transfer.
  • We take both disposable orders, and we conclude long-term contracts.
  • To regular customers - discounts on services.
  • Our company has a license, and employees comply with all sanitary norms.
  • A large selection of auto repair equipment, containers, new technologies.
  • Individual approach to garbage disposal for customer convenience.

Our company strictly adheres to all environmental norms when disposing. If you want to order garbage disposal - contact our company. 

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