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«Eco Service» offers all kinds of works related to the cleaning of territories. If you want your land or any other territory to be always clean and pleasing to the eye, then we are working for you!

Flexible system of prices and discounts for regular customers;

A wide choice of equipment for solving any tasks on garbage disposal;

Individual schedule for the removal and disposal of construction debris.

Garbage collection in Moscow

Garbage removal is the main direction of our company's work, in which we have been working for more than eight years. From the very first day of our work, we paid maximum attention to the professionalism of the staff and the modern material base.

Main activities

We provide the widest range of services at the best prices in the Moscow market.

  • Utilization of garbage and waste.
  • Removal of solid waste.
  • Removal of construction debris.

Each of the services has its own characteristics. 

Calculation of the cost of garbage disposal
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Customers who trust us

We express our gratitude to our customers and partners for fruitful cooperation. We really appreciate our mutual relations and joint work. Let's strive together for the better. Let's make the world cleaner!

All clients

Center for operation of space ground-based infrastructure was established as a division of Federal State Agency

JSC MOSMETROSTROY — is a multifunctional building contractor engaged in contractual building activities including green field construction of metro system facilities

JSC DOM.RF – Russia Housing and Urban Development Corporation was established in 1997 by the Government of the Russian Federation

The leading company of the Renaissance Construction

VTB Arena Park

Leading construction company in Turkey

CCI, Complex Moscow City

Office of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for Moscow

The Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN)

International Financial Organization, Bank

ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies founded in 1883.

Moskvoretsky market
Our advantages
Utilization of garbage and waste

The process of disposal of any waste, snow and construction debris takes place at a special landfill for their disposal. This territory is allocated by the government of Moscow, it can be taken out of production waste. Disposal and disinfection takes place in accordance with the developed technological standards. Toxic substances do not leak into groundwater, do not pollute rivers and do not have a harmful effect on nature. 

Removal of solid domestic waste. Disposal of garbage

Household waste includes household waste, which is the most extensive category of consumer solid waste. Our company guarantees full export of solid household waste regardless of its volumes. To this end, special machinery and containers of different capacity are always ready for work. 

Garbage removal of construction

Construction and installation work is inconceivable without building debris, which appears in large-scale construction and in the usual repair or renovation of the interior. If you do not have transport yourself, which can be used to remove garbage after a major overhaul - you can use the most modern vehicles and containers of different volumes.

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Our contacts

Below are the details of the company "Eco Service". Also you can download doc format.

"Eco Service" LTD.
OGRN: 1087746996160
INN: 7717626330
Address: 109316, Moscow, Novohohlovskaya street, bl. 13
Phone: +7(495) 504-14-91
Fax: +7(499) 502-47-47

Questions and Answers

All questions
The firm needs the services of the sludge. Does your company have this equipment?

Yes there is. We are waiting for your calls!

It is necessary to deduce 500-1000 cubes of construction debris, namely a brick battle. Can you tell me how much the loading will cost and does it include the cost of this work?

Loading a brick battle is made by the customer, or we provide our own special. technique at a separate price.

The object is within the garden ring. What will be the price?

The cost of overnight export does not change (see the previous letter), daily export increases the amount by 500 rubles. for a unit.

The question is about the removal of garbage and receipt of coupons from the landfill. We need an exact price for 8 and 20 cubic meters. with a coupon state. polygon.
The cost of 8 and 20 cu. m containers with the polygon coupons increases the price of our price per unit from 100 rubles. up to 800 rubles. The price gradation depends on the requirements put forward by the customer. 8 cubic meters. up to 10 pcs. - 4900 rub.
20 cu. up to 10 pcs. - 9500 rub.
If the object is in Moscow or the near suburbs.
Do you work at night, on weekends and on public holidays?

Our company works round the clock.

Equipment for garbage disposal

In order to organize garbage disposal in the shortest time our company has a private special-purpose fleet of vehicles.

  • Waste disposal truck intended for transportation of solid household waste, snow and bulk waste. It can transport simultaneously 5 tons of garbage up to 8 m3.
  • "Multilift" intended for transportation of solid household waste and bulk waste. It can transport simultaneously 20 tons of garbage up to 27 m3.
  • Garbage truck with a press container intended for disposal of organic waste and solid household waste.
  • Sewage cleaning machine intended for disposal of liquid waste up to 12 m3.

Our customers can be both a legal entity and an individual. We guarantee a number of advantages.

  • Best value for the money.
  • Payment in cash or by bank transfer.
  • We accept one-off orders and conclude long-term agreements.
  • Regular customers are entitled to discounts.
  • Our company is properly licensed, and professional employees observe all the prescribed sanitary norms at work.
  • Large selection of special-purpose machines and equipment and the state-of-art technologies.
  • Individual approach to any application for garbage disposal to comply with customer convenience.

Together we can make Moscow and Moscow region cleaner!

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